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San Diego Latino film festival 

Wow! This film is really picking up steam! Not surprised really... It's completely fantastic. The script, the cast, the crew, the production value, etc.. pretty much every little detail about this movie is just great. I'm very proud to be apart of it. ⁣ ⁣ Also, how cool is it that I get to be in a scene with @chriskattanofficial who is not only an @nbcsnl alum, which is completely amazing, but also just a good guy. A real honest professional who I'm really proud to be in this movie with. He's been working in Hollywood for much longer than I have, he kind of showed me the ropes a little bit, & he's just been so kind & understanding of where I'm at in the process. So, not only do I have a neat & comedic scene to add to my reel with someone who has a household name, but I've also got an excellent & transformational learning experience in more ways than one. And perhaps it's due to my own sensitivities or analytical tendencies, but regardless.. I'm thoroughly grateful at all the priceless lessons I've learned from him & from this experience.⁣ ⁣ Anyway!! That's enough cheese for today..!! Soooo stoked that it's in a film festival a little bit closer to home..! I love San Diego! Can you say Little Italy..!!?? Oh yes you cannnnnnn..!!!!! Tee hee hee.. yummm.. Haha..⁣ ⁣ #gratitude #actress #improviser #sketchcomedian #cristyjoy #818talent #me2management #vaentertainment #usa #Canada #worldwide #chriskattan #snl #movie #inotherwords #filmfestival #sandiego #littleitaly #delicious #italianfood #foodie #CJoy #BeYounique

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